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This is not the end of ur story.
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A Commission by ReinAwasawachi by AkuaSeaWolf
Mature content
A Commission by ReinAwasawachi :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 1 5
.:Rise: of:the:White:Wolf:.
Long ago, the Eight Gods of the Elements grown bored with just creating random creatures, debating which creation was better, or and who was the strongest God was. After many years of discussing, the Gods decided to make a World of their own, where they would watch their creations grow, thrive, and where they will be worshipped.
The Fiery Passionate, Fahren, along with the Earth Mother, Gaiena, formed the molten earth that would serve as the basis and home of their creatures. With the Cold-Hearted, Saika's icy demeanor and Sirenus's free-spirited winds, cooled down the molten earth. Gaiena, also known as the Mother of Plants, brought forth the plants of the world.  The Water Giver, Neptunis made the oceans and rivers while the Quick-Tempered Thora made rain clouds, thunder, and lightning storms, both of them making it so that all life could replenish and continue as the world aged. Finally the Holy Light, Godith and the equally powerful Lord
:iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 5 14
Me and Mudkip ID by AkuaSeaWolf Me and Mudkip ID :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 3 18 Request/ Commission: Crystal's Surprise! by AkuaSeaWolf Request/ Commission: Crystal's Surprise! :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 2 19 The moment I wish for... by AkuaSeaWolf
Mature content
The moment I wish for... :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 2 13
Fate- Kind and Cruel
Every since that day... that fateful day I met Lakiya, my one and only mate who I love with all my heart and would jump giant leaps and barriers to get to...
Why must fate be so cruel just as much as it's kind?
Just as I have found my one... my true other... I can't even hug or kiss him... Only talk and text.
My heart-aches for him every second of every minute of every hour, having me on the verge of tears or actually having them roll down my face in silence.
I want to be in his arms.. his big, strong, protective arms, and never leave them. To feel his paw brush against my cheek as I gaze at him with all my love for him.
I will pull through, I know this for a fact, but I'm constantly crying and calling for him when I don't talk to him. I want my wolfie beside me and to never leave me...
Lakiya if your reading this, I want you to know we'll get through this pain. This unbearable pain of being apart and not next to each other. Our love for one another is stronger then that pain, you know
:iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 0 1
ACEO Akua and Lakiya by Peace-Wolf by AkuaSeaWolf ACEO Akua and Lakiya by Peace-Wolf :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 7 14 Me and my Lakiya...cuddling! by AkuaSeaWolf Me and my Lakiya...cuddling! :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 7 12 Me and my Lakiya... commission by deathbedwishes by AkuaSeaWolf Me and my Lakiya... commission by deathbedwishes :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 4 15 Akua commission by swiftclawwolf by AkuaSeaWolf Akua commission by swiftclawwolf :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 7 3 My Pokemon team request, by ButtersStotch12 by AkuaSeaWolf My Pokemon team request, by ButtersStotch12 :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 2 11 AkuaSeaWolf Commission, by TheMysteryWolf by AkuaSeaWolf AkuaSeaWolf Commission, by TheMysteryWolf :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 5 2 Akua Saberwolf Reference by AkuaSeaWolf Akua Saberwolf Reference :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 7 14 Akua Saberwolf Reference by AkuaSeaWolf Akua Saberwolf Reference :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 3 6 Just some Anthro Wolf guy by AkuaSeaWolf Just some Anthro Wolf guy :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 7 10 WIP Wolf Face by AkuaSeaWolf WIP Wolf Face :iconakuaseawolf:AkuaSeaWolf 4 19




The Wolf By The Sea....
United States
Traditional artist, Music arranger, Writer

Name : AkuaSeaWolf (You can call me Akua for short xD )
Age : 18
Birthday : November 29, 1994
Celestial Zodiac : Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Likes : Drawing, canines, music, science-fiction, fantasy, video games, KINGDOM HEARTS, POKEMON, nuzlockes, and alot more :D

Dislikes : War, Impatient people, racists, closed-minded people, Boredom, HATERS

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Favourite genre of music: ALOT
Favourite photographer: None
Favourite style of art: ALOT
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: ALOT
Personal Quote: Friends should support friends, not shut them down.
All thanks to all the proof and nice chat I had with all the wonderful people of Paypal~

Thank you for all your support aswell! it feel me calmed my nerves alot! ^_^

as for you WikipediaPlus..... HA I TOLD YOU I WOULD *dance around with cheer*


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